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Help end the fur trade

A victim of the fur tradeA victim of our own selfish greedA victim of fashion 

A victim of the fur trade
A victim of our own selfish greed
A victim of fashion


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I can’t see how people think this is fashion. Fur is dead.

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Natalie Imbruglia Narrates Fur Exposé

 Video can be found on PETA’s youtube page.

A post by Peta

"We’ve just received some great news from clothing chain M&Co! After being contacted by PETA and one of our brilliantsupporters regarding a coat with real fur trim, the store immediately took action. Not only did M&Co move swiftly to remove the coat, they also cut all ties with fashion label Cutie, which was selling the coat as a concessionary item in their stores, saying they “no longer have confidence in Cutie’s quality control procedures.” We applaud M&Co for staking such a swift and compassionate stance on the sale of fur.”


It’s not just the fur demand that is killing millions of animals a year.

It’s not just the fur demand that is killing millions of animals a year.

Make it fake for the animals sake.

Over a million animals are killed a year due to the fur trade, fake fur (faux fur) results in no animals being killed or harmed.

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